Sunday, January 4, 2015


After a pretty good garden last last year, I'm more than doubling it this year.  Eventually I want to put in a semi-sunken earthbag greenhouse.  If that's not eco-hippie enough for you, I'm starting a hugelkulture bed (ultimately for wild blackberry canes, but we'll see).  Read more about hugelkultur (or permaculture) here.

I'm starting with the oversized and rotten logs from the wood pile and have been adding leaves, dead cowpen daisies, the last of the old wood chip pile and manure.  The idea is to replicate the deep bed of the forest floor where the fungi and insects found in the rotting wood break it down to useable nutrients for the plants. Anyway, it gives me something to do with the chunks of firewood that are too rotten for use!

The initial pics are below -- I'll add more as I go.

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