Monday, January 5, 2015

De-scurring the shaggy goat

We read Daniel 8 this morning -- Coincidentally (Providentially?) poignant because the chore of the day was to cut back the scurs on Liaison, our Lamancha buck.

Verse 8 reads:

"Therefore the goat waxed exceeding great, and when he was at the strongest, his great horn was broken: and for it came up four that appeared toward the four winds of the heaven."

Liaison broke one scur off a few weeks back, but his other one (the "great horn") needed trimmed as it was curling back against his head.  With some wrestling on the milk stand and a hacksaw, we were able to cut off about an inch.  I'll let it heal up and trim it back some more.

Hopefully four new horns don't appear in its place as Daniel prophesied concerning the Greek empire. 

The joys of livestock!  Here's a before pic... I'll spare the after. 

You can see Liaison's Great Horn above his left eye

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