Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Round Bale Sheep Feeder

Not to steal thunder from Premier 1's big bale feeder found here:

But with some time and tools, a close approximation can be made with feed store cattle panels (which Premier 1 says are inferior to theirs... I've never seen theirs, but I figure that the freight charges would be cost prohibitive).

I figured for a six-foot- diameter bale, three-foot panels (which ended up cut at 40 inches).  I think for five-foot bales the panels could have been in two-foot or 30-inch segments.

I'll make another one for the goats.  Still needing to be added to the sheep feeder is a roof to shed rain.

Photos below.


  1. Nice to meet you today. I looked you up on NASSA and it came up with your blog. I will be following.

  2. I forgot to ask. Was this the facebook group you were talking about I couldn't find one titled Heritage Sheep Breeders. I thought that was what you said.

    1. Hi, just now got your message... I need to check my blog email notifications. I see that you found the Heritage Shetland sheep fb page.

      Thanks for following the blog. I sometimes update our Facebook page more often with random photos or news from the farm. We're at:

      Take care and thanks again,